Secondary School

Grades presented: Grade 8 - 12

The medium of instruction at Meetsetshehla School is English and the education offered is of a high standard. The children entering the school in Grade 8 are required to take a wide range of subjects to enable them to make an informed decision by the end of Grade 9 as to whether to proceed to:

  1. an academic and commercial field of study (Natural Sciences, Life Sciences, Mathematics, Physical Science, Accounting)
  2. a career based education (Hospitality Studies, Computer Applied Technology, Travel and Tourism, Business Studies, Mechanical  
         Technology, Agricultural Technology, Agricultural Science)


The subjects that all Grade 8 learners are expected to take are:

  • Learners Language Choice:
      English First Additional Language;  Afrikaans Home Language;  Afrikaans Second Additional Language;  Sepedi Home Language
  • Mathematics (MLMMS)
  • Natural Science (NS)
  • Technology (TECH)
  • Human- and Social Science (HSS)
  • Economical Management Science (EMS)
  • Arts and Culture (A+C)
  • Life Orientation (LO)
  • Computer Literacy