Secondary School

Parents of new learners are encouraged to apply for admission before the end of the preceding school year.

A general parents meeting, organized by the Management Council is held towards the end of the year where the admission policy is discussed with parents.

The Governing Body of the school is assisting with informing all parents of learners admitted to our school of their rights and obligations and the school rules. The parents are specifically informed about their rights and obligations in respect to the governance and affairs of the school, including the process of deciding the school budget, any decision of a parent meeting relating to school fees, and the Code of Conduct for Learners, and other issues like school curriculum etc. Parents have an obligation to support their children to attend school regularly.

All eligible learners of compulsory school going age are accommodated.

Preference, on the basis of space available is however given to a learner:

  1. who lives in the feeder zone of the school or who resides with his or her parents at an employer's home in the feeder zone;
  2. a learner who lives outside the feeder zone is not precluded from seeking admission at our school.
    However, access to our school cannot be guaranteed.

The preference order of admission is:

  • learners whose parents live in the feeder zone, in their own domicile or their employer's domicile; 
  • learners whose parents work address is in the feeder area;
  • or other learners: first come first served.

No admission tests whatsoever are conducted.

A parent or legal guardian must accompany new learners on the day of admission.

The staff is assisting the parents and learners with whatever assistance they may require to complete admission forms.

The principal and staff must advise the parents that it is an offence to make a false statement about the age of a child or to provide the school with false information.

New learners must provide the school with reports and transfer letters of their previous schools.

On application for admission a parent must show proof that the learner has been immunized against communicable diseases like polio, measles, tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus and hepatitis B. If the parents are unable to show proof of immunization, the parent must be advised to have the learner immunized as part of the primary health care programmes available.

Learners with special educational needs will be admitted where it is reasonably practical.

Learners who are overage (older than grade + 6 years) will be admitted, provided that there is space. A learner who is 16 years old or older and who has never attended school for the first time or did not made sufficient progress with his or her peer group, is advised to enroll at an Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) Centre.

A learner who has repeated one or more years at school will be exempted from the age grade norm mentioned in 12 above, except that, if a learner is three years older than a norm age per grade, such a learner will only be admitted after consultation with the head of Department and provided that there is space in the school.

The norm is not to promote learners automatically in the case of repetition.

A register of admission to the school is kept. All admissions of learners to the school are recorded in the register of admission. The register is containing the name, date of birth, age, identity number, if applicable, and address of the learner as well as the names of the learner's parents, their addresses and telephone numbers, where applicable. Entries in the register of admission are verified against the birth certificate or identity document of the learner concerned. Officials of the provincial education department have access to the register of admission.