Secondary School

In the early to mid 1980's, there was no high (secondary) schooling available in Vaalwater for black children. All were required to go to school in the "homelands". The subsequent social upheaval resulted in a high cost, paid both financially and socially for very mediocre schooling. There was clearly a need for a school that could provide high quality secondary education for the children of farm workers. After much negotiation with the education authorities, it was agreed to allow the building of a "farm school" on private land, as such a school would under no circumstances be allowed on state land. The building was started in 1987 and the classrooms were opened and commissioned three months later.

Today, this beautiful farm school situated near Vaalwater, in the heart of Limpopo Province of South Africa, provides top quality secondary education for the entire Vaalwater community and is a role-model for racial integration, tolerance and harmony. After starting with a conventional academic curriculum, it has been amended to include a wide range of subject choices in order to enable school leavers to seek employment in the job market of the Waterberg and further afield.